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recommended for age group –

size 4 – age 5 – 8 years old

size 5 – age 8 – 10 years old

size 6 – age 10 – 13 years old

size senior SH – 14 years upwards

Package contains :-

-Kit Bag: Compartmentalised design with designated sections for a cricket bat, water bottle and others. Convenient portability with its adjust- able handling straps.

-Cricket Bat: Grade-one premium Kashmir Willow bat with a three-layered grip. Authentic and rare grains with embossed stickers.

-Batting Gloves: With pre-curved and cushioned fingers to give impact protection. Integrated leather palm design and perforated construction to increase breathability and quick drying features.

-Leg Guard: Double padded leg guard with adjustable fitting for superior shock absorption and comfort.

-Elbow Guard: Lightweight and strapped foam design. Ergonomic fit and slim body for easy wearing.

-Thigh Guard: Adjustable strap Thigh Guards offer unrestricted movement and solid impact protection. Their high density foam gives maximum flexibility.

-Abdo Guard: We have anatomically shaped and padded slip-in abdo guard with silicon borders for better comfort.

-Cricket Socks: Soft & durable athletic socks with extra thickness on toes and heels for cricketers.

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